Tall Poppy


International film star Poppy Alexander has a stellar career, the perfect husband and a secret from her past that’s about to catch up with her.

From London, Poppy travels to Sydney for the role of a lifetime. She’s taken the part of ‘Arva’, the female hero in the big budget adaptation of her favourite novel The Pegasine. There’s just one small problem, her husband, renowned theatre actor Sir Richard Garrow, is booked on New York’s Broadway at the same time. To make it work, Poppy and Richard make an exception to their two-week separation rule – just this once.

But with the pressures of fame and public life, jealous sisters and romantic rivals, Arva’s story begins to meld with Poppy’s, and she feels the familiar pull of something she thought long forgotten; the silent war between the real Poppy – known by a few, and the famous Poppy – adored by millions.

A work of contemporary Women’s Fiction, Tall Poppy offers a glimpse behind the curtain of the rich and famous but, at its heart, speaks to us all by exploring the people we are, the people we were and the people we try to be. Because in the game of life, we all have our roles to play.


The manuscript Tall Poppy was longlisted for the 2017 Varuna Publisher Introduction Program and has since been workshopped with Editor Alison Arnold (formerly of Black Dog Books and Text). These earlier drafts were rested while Kirsty completed her Bachelor of Writing and BA Honours in Creative Writing where she further studied the psychological impacts fame has on a person’s psyche through her 1st class Honours thesis ‘Off the Rails: Bridging the ‘lived experience’ of fame through phenomenology and fiction’. Kirsty will shortly begin the submissions process for Tall Poppy.

Teaser Trailer


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