International film star Poppy Alexander has it all: a stellar career, the perfect husband and a secret from her past that’s about to catch up with her.

From London, Poppy travels to Sydney, to star in the television adaptation of her favourite novel – The Pegasine, while her husband, Sir Richard Garrow, works on New York’s Broadway. They have made an exception to their two-week separation rule – just this once.

But her time in Sydney and the antics of her jealous sister sees the return of a battle Poppy had long thought she’d won: The war of personalities between the real Poppy – known by a few, and the famous Poppy – adored by millions.

A work of contemporary Women’s Fiction, Tall Poppy offers a glimpse behind the curtain of the rich and famous but, at its heart, speaks to us all by exploring the people we are, the people we were and the people we try to be. Because in the game of life, we all have our roles to play.

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